Our holiday at Botaira Beach Resort, on Naviti Island.

The Yasawa islands, Fiji.


They feed you well at Botaira, with breakfeasts, lunches, afternoon teas and dinner.

The food was consistently good (obviously the fish is fresh) with decent variety through out our ten day stay.

You pay for your food on a daily basis along with your bar tab when checking out (credit cards just fine).

Swimming and snorkeling

The beach at Botaira is a marine reserve with plentiful life in it's accessible reef.

I'd have enjoyed something a bit more challenging but for people who are novices or inexperienced the secluded reef is nicely accessible and unthreatening.

The last few times I've snorkeled in the tropics I've found Morays, which I love for their characters, but Botaira was thin on predators.

I'd advise people who intend to go snorkeling on holiday to buy themselves their own kit (and make sure you have fins) rather than hire.

Manta Rays

Giant Mantas congregate a ten minute boat ride away in a season that spans June - July (I think), though they were still numerous this September (which the staff told me was lucky for me).

I don't know why the Mantas congregate in the channel between Naviti and Drawaqa Island but it's cool they do. The current gets pretty strong so it can be a work out, but there's nothing to worry about.


Do not go for walks up the hill surrounding the bay in mid afternoon. That kind of exercise in the tropics is exhausting.

But if you sensibly go at a smarter time you can enjoy panoramic views of multiple bays and wide horizons.

Ten quiet days

Watch this space, I'm currently editing my videos and pictures.

'Botaira' is a Fijian name for a pleasant sunsets after-glow.


We stayed in the next to last of the Bure (huts) on the foreshore. Which was nice because it gets you as far away as possible from any noise folks at the bar (or getting up in the morning) might make.

The bures at Botaira are pleasant. We picked the resort from among those in the Yasawas we found within a reasonable price range. It's my opinion one oughtn't spend too much on accommodation for holidays in the tropics as you'll be mostly sitting in the sun or swimming. But you do want a reasonable place to sleep and shower, and Botaira is a sweet spot for price and quality.

Swinging chair

Apart from numerous hammocks liberally sprinkled about (in various shaded spots) there's a cool chair hanging from a palm over the beach.